Take Action to Clean Up Litter in Your Community

Boy Scouts clean up along Route 106 in Mansfield
Research has shown that litter attracts litter. When a community or area is frequently littered or illegal dumping is tolerated, that sends a message that this kind of behavior is acceptable. Litter begets litter. Conversely, when a local park or an entire community is litter free, that sends a message that littering is unacceptable behavior. Clean communities tend to stay clean, which is why litter prevention and cleanup in Massachusetts is so importantPrevention of litter and illegal dumping are keys to a clean and beautiful community. However, where litter and dumping already exist, communities need to make a concerted effort to clean it up. That sends a powerful message that this type of behavior will not be tolerated in your community. Unfortunately, many Massachusetts municipal departments of public works are already straining to keep up with their core responsibilities. In many cases, litter cleanup falls to the bottom of their priority list and cleanup efforts are reliant upon volunteers.